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Stain And Varnish Secondhand Executive Wooden Office Chairs

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If you recently purchased several secondhand executive wooden office chairs that are designed to provide posture support, and plan on placing the furniture around the conference table that you use to hold meetings with your employees and wish to restore the wood that each chair is constructed of by adding a coat of stain and varnish to each chair's surface, the following project will teach you how to perform the upgrade. After completing the steps, add some cushions to the chairs that complement the color of the wood.


  • vinyl tarps
  • wood cleaning agent
  • sponge
  • water
  • scrub brush
  • cleaning cloths
  • wood stain
  • mixing stick
  • paintbrush
  • rags
  • clear varnish
  • cushions

Clean And Stain The Chairs

Carry the executive office chairs outdoors and place them on a flat surface that is covered with vinyl tarps. Pour or spray a wood cleaning product onto a damp sponge. Move the sponge across each chair's exterior. If dirty substances are stuck in details in the wood, use a thin scrub brush to loosen materials. Turn the chairs upside down and clean the bottom of each seat and each chair's legs. Use a cleaning cloth to dry the wood.

Choose a color of stain to add to the wood. Dark colors of stain will take longer to dry than lighter shades, so take this into consideration when choosing a stain variety. After opening a can of stain, stir the stain for a few minutes until the stain is blended. Use a narrow paintbrush or rag to apply stain to the wood. Move the brush or cloth across the wood with even strokes. Wait for the stain to dry and add another coat of the product if you would like to deepen the color of each chair's surface. 

Apply Varnish And Add Cushions

Use a clean wooden stick to stir the varnish. Dip a paintbrush or rag into the varnish and apply the varnish over the stained wood. A coat of varnish will provide the wood with a glossy appearance and will protect the newly-stained wood. When the varnish is no longer tacky, measure the each office chair's seat.

Purchase cushions that are the same size as or slightly smaller than each chair's seat. If you purchase cushions that have ties attached to their corners, secure the cushions by forming a knot with the ties after you have wrapped the ties around the back of each chair.

The cushions will protect the stained and varnished wood and will provide you and your staff members with comfort while utilizing the chairs during business hours. The posture support that the executive office chairs provide will help you and your staff members remain composed while sitting in the chairs during lengthy business meetings.