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5 Tips For Creating Stand-Out Packaging

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If you regularly ship your products to clients, you will benefit from creating specialized, branded packaging for your products. While stamping your logo on a package may be a good way to start, you can easily get more benefits from your packaging design if you take the time to utilize a creative, fresh approach. Below are a few tips that will help you create packages that will stand out from your competition while communicating with your clients. 

Have a Clear, Concise Message to Communicate

When designing your shipping boxes, you should have a clear message you want to communicate with your customers. You should keep in mind that unlike packaging intended for the store, your goal should not be to simply catch the attention of your customer. After all, they have already purchased your product. Instead, you should concentrate on a retention message. While some companies concentrate solely on branding, you may want to shift your focus to the customer instead and give them a message that you appreciate them and care about them. Since 68% of customers leave a company because they feel the company does not care about them, creating an appreciation campaign is a good way to invest your packaging money. 

Don't Be Afraid to Use Color 

Color printing will make your packaging stand out and be memorable to your customers. You should keep in mind that dual-color printing is often not much more expensive than mono-color printing, so you can freely make use of a second "pop" color that will make your packaging stand out and tie it to your brand. However, tri-color and quad-color printing can be significantly more expensive than dual or mono printing. If you are going with a tri or quad color scheme, make sure it is worth the cost by creating a highly memorable design. 

Get Creative With Your Placement 

Most customers enjoy being surprised when they receive a package or open it. While they know what is in the package, you can still surprise them with your packaging design. For example, you may print on an unexpected surface, such as the bottom of a package or the inside of the lid. Alternatively, you can add colored packing material or a flier (one that makes your customer laugh or feel appreciated rather than an advertisement) to the inside of your box. Finally, you can be creative with the actual placement of your product within the box. While the box should protect your product and the product should be easy to use, your customers will appreciate a creative or elegant packaging placement. 

Try a Few Different But Related Designs 

Humans are natural collectors. If they know there is a series of items available, many customers will want to collect them all. You can use this to your advantage by creating a series of packaging concepts that are related but slightly different. Keep track of which box designs have already shipped to a certain client and be sure to mail them a new design each time they order a new product, to keep them thrilled at receiving something new. 

Get Feedback From Your Clients 

After doing a short run of your new packaging, take the time to see how your customers are reacting to it. Check to see if there are any unboxing videos of your product. If there are, notice whether the packaging gets noticed or if the focus is only on your product. If there aren't, consider sending out a brief electronic survey to see what your customers most want in packaging. Make sure you implement some of their suggestions so your clients feel valued. 

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