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Two Different Types Of Car Batteries

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Nothing is more frustrating than trying to start your vehicle and realizing that the battery is dead. Vehicle batteries do only last between about two and five years on average. This means that you can expect your car battery to die at some point, and they seem to do so at the most inconvenient times. If you need a new battery quickly, then you will need to make sure that you choose the right one. There are a few different types that you will need to choose from when shopping from retailers like Battery Tree, so keep reading to learn a little bit about them.

Starting Lightning Ignition

The vast majority of the automotive batteries on the market are called starting lightning ignition (SLI)  batteries. SLI batteries are meant to supply electrical energy to a motor engine, and it does so in a large burst of power. This provides the starter with more than enough energy to start your vehicle. Once your car is running, energy is no longer pulled from the battery and the alternator is utilized to supply the power. 

SLI batteries are lead-acid batteries that are rechargeable. They are recharged extremely quickly once the initial burst of energy is expelled. While this is true, you should know that a very small percentage of the charge is used in the first place. As little as about 3% of the charge is used to start your car. 

The SLI batteries are not meant to be fully discharged. If one is, then the lifespan of the battery can be reduced substantially. This is not typically an issue though unless the charge is compromised by extremely warm or cold temperatures. 

Deep-Cycle Batteries

Deep-cycle batteries are different from the SLI varieties because they supply power over a longer period of time instead of in a single burst. The batteries may be lead-acid types like the SLI, but they are more commonly lithium-ion, NiCd, nickel metal, or zinc varieties. The batteries can be discharged and recharged over and over again, and the batteries last even when they are continually and fully discharged. While this is true, the charging capacity of the battery will dwindle over time as the battery is used.

Deep-cycle batteries are electric power batteries that provide the vast majority of the energy needed to drive an electric or hybrid vehicle. Since the batteries are able to discharge a great deal of energy, they also require a lot of energy during the recharging phase. Quick charges can often occur overnight, and the vehicle will recharge the battery on its own if it is a hybrid or you will be required to use quick-charge equipment to do so.