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Three Tips For Finding A Monthly Moving Truck Rental

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If you run a business that requires you to move heavy items and multiple belongings numerous times in a month, you'll need to find the help of a company that can look out for you. By touching base with a company that can provide you with monthly van rental, you'll be able to get the stellar service that you need to move items from one point to another. With this in mind, read below and follow these strategies to make the right hire. 

#1: Understand the benefits of monthly truck rentals

When you need the assistance of a company that provides rentals, going monthly is definitely one of the best steps that you can take. Choosing a company that provides monthly rentals provides you flexibility in time and consolidates the service, so that you're able to make it as cost effective as possible. If you're deciding to hire a rental truck company, you'll also be able to explore a variety of coverage options that protect every facet of your move. Further, getting in touch with a company that offers these rentals lets you do more heavy lifting, with less wasted transportation time and fuel. This is a green friendly way of moving items, so look into the help of a company near you. 

#2: Look for the best monthly rental truck company

Not every company provides monthly rentals, so do all you can to shop for the best rental timetables. When hunting down a company that provides this work, make sure that they have a high Better Business Bureau (BBB) review, and ask to see their license and bonding information. Make sure to ask about any supplies that they can provide you -- to include hand trucks, ramps, packing tape, boxes, work gloves and stretch wraps. 

#3: Find the right cost on your moving truck rental

Finally, contact a company that can help you in terms of price as well. Get estimates from about six different monthly rental companies, and don't hesitate to ask for specialized rates from companies that don't advertise monthly prices. For instance, a moving truck rental will usually cost you between $40 per day and $70 per day. Ask for prices in writing so that you are able to get the truck that you need the most. 

Follow the three tips in this article so that you can get the monthly moving truck rental that you need. Visit a site like for more help.