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3 Tips For Making Your Wedding Reception More Fun For Guests

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Although the big day is about the newly married couple, traditional wedding receptions can often make guests feel simply like spectators and gift-givers. If you want a reception to remember, find ways to make the event more interactive for you guests and integrate them into festivities.

Go Buffet Style

As far as food and dessert is concerned, it is more engaging to give guests the opportunity to walk around and mingle with everyone while picking out what they want to eat. A traditional dinner menu, with servers and formal dining tables can feel a bit restrictive for guests. Include foods in the buffet that are easy to grab with your hands and will not be messy. This will encourage guests to feel more relaxed in the environment. Desserts should be the same way, even if you have a traditional wedding cake. Your guests can pick among several dessert options that might match the seasons. For example, if the wedding is during the warmer months, you might have miniature cupcakes and self-serve ice cream as options. During the colder months, single-serve pies or tarts and incorporating common fall/winter flavors, such as pumpkin, maple, and apple spice can be fun.

Include Photo Opportunities

You will likely have a professional photographer and videographer for your reception, but you should include other methods to make guests want to jump in and take photos. Renting a photo booth is one way to capture fun memories of everyone who attended the wedding. Ideally, you will want to rent a larger photo booth to capture group pictures. Additionally, you should incorporate upgrades that allow guests to have something to take home or share on their social media profiles Many photo booth rental companies have packages that include prints for each person, digital photos, and even scrapbooks. Adding props, either provided by the company or purchased yourself, can make the pictures more entertaining.

Create Diverse Ambiance

The overall feel of your reception will set the tone. If you want everyone to feel more relaxed and simply have a good time, you likely want to avoid over-the-top decorations and playing the same genre of music repeatedly. Consider keeping your decorations to a minimum, so no one is afraid of breaking anything or spilling food. As far as music and dancing goes, mix up the different styles of music so everyone will have something that fits their style. This will encourage more people to step on the dance floor and simply have fun. If you and your friends enjoy karaoke, a relaxed wedding reception is a good time to sing a few oldies and create lasting memories.

Wedding receptions are increasingly more relaxed, which appeals to many couples and the guests they invite. Fostering a fun environment for guests can make your wedding reception feel less obligatory. For more information, contact a business such as Picture That Photo Booth.