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Things To Know About Your Toilet

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A toilet may be one plumbing appliance that you will use throughout the day but rarely give much thought. This is a testament to the reliability of modern toilets as it can be somewhat rare for them to suffer problems. However, it is still important for you to have a solid understanding of the basics about these essential plumbing appliances:

High-Efficiency Toilets Can Drastically Reduce The Water Needed For This Plumbing Fixture

A toilet can use a shocking amount of water each time that it is flushed. Over the course of a day, this can amount to a sizable portion of the total water that your home will use. Unfortunately, homeowners often neglect to appreciate that upgrading to a high-efficiency toilet can be an excellent way of minimizing the amount of water that will be used with each flush. Individuals often have an impression that their toilets will not be as effective as traditional units, but this is not the case as these toilets will be just as effective at emptying.

Toilet Leaks May Not Always Be Visible

With any plumbing appliance, leaks are among the more routine problems that may be encountered. Unfortunately, homeowners often fail to realize that their toilets can suffer leaks that may not be readily visible. A common example will be the seal on the interior reservoir of the toilet. This seal is responsible for preventing the reservoir from draining until you flush it. However, if this seal decades, it may allow water to leak out of the reservoir, and this can lead to a sizable increase in your total water usage without having any obvious signs. If you notice the sound of running water coming from your toilet but you do not see any leaks, this may be the issue.

The Type Of Toilet Paper You Use Can Impact Your System's Performance

It can be easy to simply choose the most comfortable toilet paper, but your plumbing may struggle to handle thicker sheets of toilet paper. This is particularly common for those that have septic tanks. Additionally, individuals with older pipes may experience this problem as these pipes may be more narrow than modern pipes. For this reason, you should typically prefer to opt for the thinnest toilet paper available. This will ensure that you minimize the risk of the pipes becoming clogged, and this type of paper will be able to more easily break down in the septic tank. Furthermore, there are some toilet papers that are specially designed for septic tanks so that they will quickly disintegrate once they enter the septic system.

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