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Top 5 Places To Seek Out New Employees

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Finding the best employees to fill an open position at your company requires more than simply canvasing the walk-in applications and resumes you receive. In fact, you may need to get more creative in your staff search. The following are the top 5 places where you should be seeking new employee candidates.

#1: Your current employee pool

Often, the best woman or man for the job is already on your company payroll. Keep tabs on employees, especially lower level employees that are taking advantage of additional training or schooling programs. They may be increasing their skills for a planned jump to another position or career in a competing business, so it is in your best interest to recognize their talents and move them up in house.

#2: Up-and-coming talent

Some of the best talent hasn't yet graduated college yet, so they may not be on your radar yet. Foster relationships with the alumni office and the career office at local universities or universities that are known for education the super stars in your field. Combine recommendations from the schools with a killer intern program so you can nab the talent as soon as they graduate.

#3: Conferences and trade shows

Many times the best person for your job isn't even actively looking for a new position. Encourage your staff to join professional organizations and to go to industry-specific trade shows and conferences. This way they can network with the cream of the crop in your industry, which further allows them to help put together a prospective list of people for you to try and entice to your company.

#4: Social media

Social media is here to stay, and it can be a great place to seek out new employees. Linked In is probably the most well known social media service for checking out potential recruits, since it is aimed at showcasing professional accomplishments, but don't overlook other options. Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter can be used to find the movers and shakers in your industry.

#5: Your competitors

Who is getting company, investor, or industry expert kudos in your competitors office? Check out industry magazines, the business section of the paper, organization publications, and competitor's websites and newsletters to see who is building up the competition. Then, actively try to recruit these employees to your company.

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