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Reasons To Strongly Consider Selling A Small Business

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When you've put time and effort into starting and running your small business, it's often something from which you're not easily willing to walk away. Understandably, given the investment you have in the business and the sacrifices that you've made, it's easy to view the business as your "baby." However, there may come a time at which it's a smarter move to sell the business. It may be difficult to accept that selling is the best move for you, but you'll appreciate having some money in your pocket and some additional time in your life to pursue something else. Here are three reasons to strongly consider selling a small business.

Lack Of Profitability

Failing to make as much money as you need or want is a common reason that people choose to sell their small businesses. A business's lack of profitability, you should know, doesn't mean that you won't be able to sell it. For example, perhaps a certain prospective buyer looks at how you're doing things and feels as though he or she could make some small changes and see a dramatic increase in profits. If you're struggling to make the income you want based on the amount of money and time that you're putting into the business, it may be time to sell.

Health Issues

Some entrepreneurs can pour so much effort into starting and maintaining their small business that it costs them their health. For example, perhaps you used to eat balanced meals and exercise for an hour a day, but you're now consuming fast food too frequently and rarely having the time to work out. Whether your doctor has told you that you need to change your ways, your spouse has expressed concern about your health, or you're just noticing this issue in yourself, you may find that selling your business will allow you to make your health a priority once again.

A Reduction In Your Excitement

You likely started your small business feeling a high degree of passion and excitement about it. However, as time has gone on, you may have lost these feelings. Perhaps you're just going through the motions doing what used to bring you joy, for example. Working in a career that you dislike or that doesn't energize you can not only be disheartening, but may also lead to health issues as a result of stress. If you're no longer excited about what you do, selling may be the best choice.

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