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5 Easy Tips To Save Space In Your Rented Moving Truck

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If you're planning a "do it yourself" move with a rental moving truck, it's often important to pack everything so that it all fits in a truck you can afford and manage. To help you make a success out of your moving adventure, here are 5 tips for getting everything to fit.

Use Uniform Sizes. The fewer different sizes and shapes of boxes or bins and other items, the easier it will be to stack to the truck's ceiling and avoid wasted space. Try to limit your box sizes to 2 or 3 different dimensions. Try to place unusual, bulky, or oddly-shaped things into sturdy boxes to make stacking easier. 

Disassemble. If possible, take large pieces of furniture apart before packing them up. This is particularly important for things like tables, bookcases, and desks. Taking things apart can transform a large and unwieldy piece of furniture into a slim line that can easily be slid between other pieces. Just be sure you tape all the parts to the furniture so you can put it back together. 

Don't Pack Empty Space. Avoid leaving any empty spaces when placing furniture in the truck. Look for items with a built-in place to pack more items inside. This often includes the washer and dryer, dishwasher, refrigerator, bookshelves, and dressers. If you're afraid of making the furniture too heavy, pack items inside them once loaded onto the moving truck. 

Use Blankets for Padding. Blankets, pillows, winter coats, towels, and similarly bulky—but light and flexible—items take up much more space in boxes than they should. So, don't pack them in a box. Instead, use them to wrap around fragile items or to protect corners of furniture. This will not only save space, but it also saves money and cares for your furniture better. 

Turn Furniture Around. It's human nature to instinctively pack furniture into a container in the same way that the furniture sits in the house. But don't be limited when loading the truck. Sofas, for example, take up a lot less floor space when placed vertically on an arm. Mattresses should be packed vertically against a wall as well. Turning a wrapped table upside down on the floor allows you to stack boxes and bins neatly on top.

Certainly, packing a rented moving truck so that everything is as compact as possible requires planning and preparation. But the investment will be worthwhile when you save money and reduce the stress of a big move.