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Three Ways To Make Your Tea Cafe Stand Out From The Crowd

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Tea cafes were once a novelty, providing customers with a unique alternative to the classic coffee shop. But if you own a tea cafe, you've probably noticed a lot more competition over the past few years as tea has grown more trendy. How do you make sure your tea shop stands out from the crown and continues to attract more customers? Here are three ideas to get you started.

Sell Private Label Tea

When customers visit your tea cafe, they enjoy drinking the tea, but they will also love being able to buy some to take home. Work with a label company to create labels and packages, which you can use to sell your own custom tea blends. Come up with some unique names for your custom tea blends so that customers remember them and ask for them by name. Then, start promoting your private label teas. Brew them to serve samples in-house. Offer 10% off sales on Monday. Give customers a free cup of brewed tea if they buy 5 ounces of tea leaves. The possibilities are endless!

Host Book Clubs

Few things pair together better than tea and a good book. Add a few friends to the mix, and you have the makings of a great gathering. Once a week, host a book club meeting in your tea store. Choose a book for the month, post about it on social media, and invite all of your customers to come to "tea club" to discuss it. Offer some specials that night, such as 25% off all tea and pastries. You'll get to know your customers better, and customers who feel connected to the cafe owner are more likely to come back again and again.

Set up a Study Space

If your tea cafe is anywhere near a college or university, you should try to attract college students. If a few students "discover" your cafe and love it, they will soon bring all of their friends! To attract more students, set up a study space with couches, a desk or two, and some office basics like paper and pens. You could also offer tea specials that you call a "study hour" from 8:00 - 9:00 at night or so. This is when many students try to fit in some post-dinner studying before turning in for the evening. If you serve light food, you can offer a student discount on food, too.

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