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4 Reasons For Installing Extra-Large Capacity Washers And Dryers In Your Laundromat

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Commercial laundromat equipment has several different sizes of washers and dryers. While you may be tempted to only place small and medium washers and dryers in your laundromat, you should seriously reconsider the extra-large or extra-extra-large washers and dryers. In fact, you should have an entire wall dedicated to just these sizes of washers and dryers. Here are four reasons why.

1. Customers Want to Wash and Dry Larger Loads

Having to wash multiple small loads, and then wait for all of the small loads to dry, is a major hassle for most laundromat customers. If they have a spouse and three kids, they are washing very large loads and have to break it up into six smaller washers, which may not be available on the very day that they need to do laundry. Most importantly, these customers want to wash and dry as much laundry in the shortest amount of time possible. The extra-large and extra-extra-large capacity machines give your customers this speedy laundry option.

2. Customers Want to Wash Bedding Without Having to Take It to a Dry Cleaner

Speaking of large loads, there is bedding to consider. Some people take their bedding to a dry cleaner because of the size and bulky nature of pillows and comforters. They should not have to. They could be paying far less to wash their bedding at your laundromat in an extra-extra-large capacity washer and dryer. 

3. You Can Charge More for These Machines

Customers are used to paying more for convenience and speed. They have come to expect it. If you ask a customer if they would be willing to pay more to complete their laundry in half the time, you can bet they would approve of that idea. Hence, you can charge three to four times as much for customers to use these massive washers and dryers, and customers will pay it.

4. The Larger Machines Are More Efficient

Sure, these machines are huge, but they also have the ability to clean and dry faster. They are significantly more efficient at the job than their smaller counterparts. Customers typically only have to pay the $4-$10 per load (depending on the prices charged by competitors where you live) once, and their laundry is ready to transfer to a dryer and take home in an hour. You burn less electricity and money on operating the machines, and customers enjoy spending less time doing laundry. It is a win-win.

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