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Top 3 Advantages Of Tube Beading

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Metal tubes are used in a number of applications and utilized in the manufacturing of products for a variety of industries, from automotive to aerospace. However, a simple metal tube is not always preferred during the fabrication process-- the end of metal tubes is often manipulated to create a different shape. One popular form of tube manipulation used to change the shape of the end of a metal tube is tube beading. During this process, a bead is creating on one or both ends of the tube. After tube beading is done, the metal tube can be used in ways that are much different than just a plain metal tube. Some of the top benefits of tube beading include the following.

Increase the Overall Strength of a Metal Tube

No matter what kind of metal is used when manufacturing metal tubes, each end will always be less strong than the middle of the tube. This can be an issue, especially if the tube will be used under pressurization. One way to combat the weaker ends of a tube is by using the tube beading process. Tube beading increased the size of the end of the tub and creates more mass, which results in a much stronger tube. In many cases, tubes that have gone through tube beading will be able to handle more stress and last longer than tubes that have not had their ends manipulated into new shapes.

Improve Connections

While tubes may be connected together during the fabrication process of a product, in many cases they will be required to be connected to some other component, such as a hose. One of the main goals of tube beading, as well as one of its big advantages, is the fact that after tube beading is done, it is much easier to connect a hose to the end of the tube. In addition, the connection will be much tighter and able to withstand more tension. 


One other way to manipulate the end of a tube and change its shape in order to make more secure connections with other components involves welding flanges onto the end of the tubes. While this can also create strong tubes that hold tight connections, the process is often slow and requires a lot of labor, which can drive up the overall cost. Tube beading is a much more cost-effective option, and in most cases, the process is also much faster than welding flanges onto tube ends. 

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