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Tips On Maximizing On Your Gold Selling Potential

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You know how to get rid of your old electronics and clothing, and may even have a go-to place when you want to donate or unload some collectibles. But what do you do when you need to get rid of jewelry pieces that you no longer want? Thankfully, there are companies that can help you liquidate even the oldest gold pieces so that you get cash in your pocket, and your gold doesn't take up unnecessary space in your drawers and jewelry box. To this end, read these tips so that you can take the right steps toward selling your gold. 

Find a company that specifically buys gold from people

The first thing you need to know is that there are entire companies that specialize in selling gold. Start by researching these companies to see other people's experiences, and whether or not they received a fair price for their unwanted gold. While you might not be looking for huge profits from your gold, you definitely need to be certain that you aren't getting low-balled, since there are several options available for selling your gold. 

Likewise, make sure that they give you a certificate and appraisal so you can be sure that they are completely transparent and above board during the transaction. You should also get your own independent appraisal so that you go into the process knowing the jewelry's worth and having an idea of the minimum that you are willing to take for it. They will generally pay based on weight and value, so get an idea of which gold pieces you would like to get rid of before you set out to sell your gold. 

Check around at your local pawn shops and other such stores

Additionally, there are several stores in your area that will likely give you a good deal for your gold as well. Pawn shops are a popular option because they specialize in buying and selling gold, and quite often have some experts on staff that can offer you fair value. You will be able to walk out of the pawn shop with cash and can sell them several gold pieces in a single day, which can give you an even better deal. 

There are also some jewelry stores that will take your old pieces so that they can polish them and resell them to new customers. Talk to three to four different shops to see what prices you get before making a decision. 

Always keep your paperwork for any such transactions for your records. 

Follow these tips when you sell your gold