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Tips For Choosing A Well-Balanced Barbecue Platter To Share

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A popular menu item at any authentic barbecue restaurant is the build-your-own platter, which gives you the chance to select a specific number of items that whet your appetite. If you're visiting a barbecue restaurant with a few friends, it can be fun to choose a large platter and discuss the items that you'll add to it — and then roll up your sleeves and dig in when the food arrives a short time later. Each person may have his or her own ideas about how to select the platter items, but taking a well-balanced approach is generally the best strategy. Here are some ideas to consider.

Variety Of Meats

You might have a particular fondness for pork or beef, but it's nice to choose a variety of meats for your barbecue platter instead of strictly focusing on one. Barbecue eateries generally have a wide range of meats on the menu, so you shouldn't have trouble selecting one or more specific products from such options as beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and even seafood. This varied approach will give you a variety of tastes so you won't run the risk of everything being a little too similar.

Different Spice Levels

While you always have the option of adding extra sauce to a meat product at the table, many types of barbecue fare come with sauce or are seasoned in some manner. The menu will indicate which products are on the spicier side. Even if you love spice, it's a good idea to choose products of different spice levels. If everything on the barbecue platter is hot, your taste buds can quickly fail to pick up the subtle flavors of certain dishes. Items with a variety of heat levels will give you a well-rounded experience.

Unique Textures

Barbecue fare has a variety of textures, so you'll want to take a variety approach in this matter too. Brisket and ribs, for example, frequently have a texture that is so soft the meat will fall off the bone or be possible to cut with your fork. Other products, including sausage, have a stiffer texture. Fish offers a flaky consistency, while poultry products are generally slightly chewy. By adding items with different textures to your platter, you'll craft a meal that is different and enjoyable with each bite, rather than choosing meats that all have similar textures. Gather up a few friends who love barbecue fare as much as you, and make plans to visit a local barbecue eatery.

When choosing a barbecue restaurant, always look for authentic restaurants in your area.