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High-Pressure Water Pumps And Preparing Your Cleaning Stations With The Right Pressure Washing Equipment

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For many industries, having a clean work area is important to get more work done in a safe environment. The surfaces and work areas need to be cleaned regularly with the right equipment, which means high-pressure water pumps should be installed for pressure washing equipment. The following high-pressure water pump information will help you design and build cleaning stations for the needs of your business:

  • Choosing high-pressure pumps for the central system—The high-pressure system you install for cleaning systems should have a centralized design. Therefore, you are going to need an industrial-strength high-pressure pump to provide the water to cleaning stations. This can be the main pump of the system, but cleaning stations may include smaller pumps to maintain pressure for your cleaning needs.
  • Pipe manifolds to deliver pressure to cleaning stations—With centralized pressure washing systems, there are different cleaning stations. These cleaning stations have to have a solution to reduce pressure loss through pipe installations. Therefore, a pipe manifold system is installed, which delivers the water to each station when it needs it with a minimal amount of pressure loss. The installation of pipe manifolds will also reduce thermal energy loss if your systems use hot water for the cleaning needs of your business.
  • The design of cleaning stations and addition pumps—You should also consider the design of cleaning stations, which your business may need several. When there are multiple cleaning stations, pressure can be lost even with a pipe manifold. Therefore, you should consider adding additional smaller pumps to the design of your pressure washing system. These pumps can be installed for one or more stations to help them maintain pressure coming from the central high-pressure pump.
  • Industrial-grade hoses and pressure washing nozzles for cleaning stations—Lastly, there is additional equipment that may be needed for your centralized pressure washing system. For the cleaning stations, you are going to need to have industrial-grade hoses and pressure washer nozzles installed for these work stations. These are materials that receive a lot of abuse. Therefore, you want to make sure that that you have extra high-pressure pump parts, connections, and nozzles to do quick repairs when parts wear out.

Consider these areas when designing and installing a centralized pressure washing system with cleaning stations for the needs of your business. If you are looking for centralized pressure washing solutions to add to your business, contact a high-pressure pump and cleaning equipment supplier to get the system your business needs.