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4 Things You May Discover During A Home Inspection

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One crucial part of buying a home is the home inspection. After all, it is your only opportunity to have a professional look over the home. They'll try to find potential problems that may prevent you from moving forward with the purchase or just raise issues that you may not be aware of. Here are some examples of things that you'll discover.

Electrical Issues

Chances are that you have no idea what quality electrical work looks like since it involves knowing what kind of wiring is in the home and if the electrical system has too much power flowing through circuits. Part of the home inspection is to look over the electrical system and make sure that things are up to code.

HVAC Issues

One of the problems that you'll run into when inspecting a home is to check the HVAC system. More specifically, you may not be able to properly test the air conditioner if you are buying a home in the middle of the winter. This is because air conditions can become damaged if you attempt to run them when the temperature is too cold, never allowing you to properly test the HVAC system. If this is the case with the home you are buying, your home inspector can take a more detailed look at the air conditioner system to make sure that is in as good of shape as possible without actually running it.

Insulation Issues

A home inspection is not going to be too invasive, so you can't exactly open up walls and see how much insulation is inside them. However, there is a way a home inspector can check with some advanced tools. Infrared cameras can tell you how much heat is coming through the walls, which will tell you how well the insulation is performing. If a wall does not have much insulation, you'll be able to see the difference with the camera. 

Chimney Issues

Looking forward to having a home with a fireplace? It is possible that there are issues with a home's fireplace, which is why the current owners do not use it. A home inspector can look inside a chimney to see how the liner is holding up and if it is leaking any moisture. This can make you well aware of repairs that need to be done to the chimney, which cannot typically be seen by a simple visual inspection. 

Contact a home inspection service if you are thinking about buying a house.